My Exciting First Foray into NFTs

The date was 21st June 2021 a crazy day for my first foray into NFT (Non Fungible Tokens). And here’s my roller coaster story.

My intention was to create a series of crystal NFTs over a period of time. I scoped them all out, and I launch with a mint of my first “Crystal Power – Amethyst” piece two weeks before my crazy week.

After minting and putting it on sale on the NFTb Marketplace. I Posted about it, tweeted about it, tiktok’d it. But didn’t think anything more about it. I just buckled down to creating more in the series.

A week went by, then I got a tweet from a friend saying “congrats on your sale”.

Say what?

Sure enough Amethyst had sold! Woo hoo!

Nothing to get too excited about. Probably just a fluke. I’d just completed “Crystal Power – Aquamarine”. So time to mint again. A bit of social media posting, then back to work on the next in the series.

Another week went by, but poor Aquamarine is still out there all alone, with no buyer.

So I mint “Crystal Power – Diamond” to keep her company. By this time I was beginning to lose heart. Convinced that the first sale was definitely a fluke. Another week went by. Until that infamous day, Monday the 21st June, when an automated email arrives from the NFTb marketplace “congrats on your sale of Crystal Power – Diamond”.


Then five minutes later ….. ping! ….. another NFTb email. “congrats on selling Crystal Power – Aquamarine”. OMG there might be something in this. All three of my minted NFTs were now SOLD ! I quickly go back to my last finished piece, “Crystal Power – Amber”. Get that minted girl.

I was in the middle of preparing a social post to say it had dropped, when BOOM. An NFTb email lands. “Congrats on the sale of “Crystal Power – Amber”.


I have no more completed pieces. So now what?

Whatever is going on I’m riding this wave. So I quickly open up my unfinished Emerald. Deep breath. Get stuck in.

After a couple of hours, “Crystal Power – Emerald” is finally ready for her debut.

But, surely this wave can’t continue.

I spend a bit of time on Instagram preparing posts about Emerald. Posted them all up on Facebook and Twitter.

Then glanced briefly at my email. You guessed it.

Before the “ink” was even dry on my Instagram post, “Crystal Power – Emerald” had SOLD !

Well that was me done for the day. I was all out of Crystal Power, and was thoroughly exhausted with the excitement and the stress. But that day was a hell of a ride.

I left a message thanking everyone at @nftbmarket for their support, and to watch this space for more Crystal Power once I’d had a lie down to recover.

Assuming the Monday madness was over I took a break the next day and then took my time to work on two new pieces.

First up was “Crystal Power – Ruby”

Sold the next day.

Then next up was my personal favourite “Crystal Power – Blue John” A rare and delicate Fluor Spar crystal and semi precious stone that was discovered by the Romans 2,000 years ago in my home in the Derbyshire Peak District.

Blue John was also swiftly snapped up.

So that was my crazy NFT week and an exhilarating introduction into the world of NFT. 

Watch this space as new pieces are developed and dropped.


P.S. Two new crystals just minted and for sale:

Crystal Power – Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is a stunning stone, treasured for over 6,000 years in the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Persia, China, Greece, Rome & Mesopotamia. Prized in ancient Egypt, this royal stone is said to contain the soul of the gods, believed to lead the soul to the afterlife and open the heart to love. Lapis Lazuli is the traditional birthstone for December and the Planetary stone for Capricorn.

Crystal Power – Diamond #2
– Just dropped on

Derived from the Greek word “adamas” meaning “unconquerable.” Diamonds are a symbol of eternal love, romance and commitment. The ancient Greeks believed that diamonds were “tears of the gods”, and the Romans believed they were “splinters from fallen stars”. The Romans were closer to the truth, as dying stars (cool white dwarfs) have a diamond core.

Written by Derbyshire Hearts

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