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From January 2011, my journey began with isolation after I lost everything from my previous adventures. I have lost my family and friends, my social life, and my streaming incomes while being jobless; where my new chapter started from below zero.

Therefore; the joyfulness was through my connection with art. I spent most of my time sketching paintings digitally on my computer, with the upmost goal of improving my art style.

With the hope to paint most of my sketches on canvas. Most recently, I reached a point where I painted some of the sketches physically on canvas. However; I realized how addicted I was to paint digitally, because of the quick progress to a faster result with the richness of colors. In contrast to painting on canvas.

After the world collapsed with the COVID-19 pandemic, this caused an increase in my loneliness and isolation because of the health quarantine. When all of my exhibitions had been canceled since the start of 2020. The year 2021 came as a light passing through the cracks on a wall, inspiring me about the Metaverse Art World which also decorates the soul, not the wall.

This motivated me to look back at the 10 years of work I painted digitally during my isolation. What a surprise it was when I found the tens of thousands of sketches I worked on. As a result, I am ready to erupt a 10-year sleeping volcano to share my years of artwork, accompanied by the loneliness to free my LAVA.

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