If there is one thing I love about the gay community its the way they interact and support each other. To be honest, I see the same levels of interactions and support thru the NFT community on twitter.

NFTGLOBAL.GAY is a domain I have for sale. I bought a few NFTGLOBAL domains but only listed 2. I would love to see .GAY be the first to sell before I list any more.

Whether you’re gay yourself or not, these NFTGLOBAL domains will one day be worth a good amount of coin. I know, if you’re reading this, you believe NFT’s are global (thats undeniable) and we are at a very early stage of the “next big thing”.

Make an offer if you’re keen on a clever investment. Isnt that what one half of the NFT industry is about, clever investments? You could grab this and sit on it, sell it on for profit now, or if you are gay…just imagine your very own site aimed at your very favourite folks 🙂

I honestly do see this domain having massive potential!


Written by Buck


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